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Keep all documentation up to date and accurate, and ensure all data processing and admin on your side is done correctly. A customer that detects sloppiness or uncertainty in your approach will take advantage of it and turn it into an excuse not to pay. Be direct, unambiguous, and unwavering in your approach with your customers.


Ideally, all funds should be deposited within 24 hours of receipt. Compare customers purchase orders to the client’s sales order and then to duplicate copy of the sales invoice. The description and quantity should be the same on the three documents. Whether the sales invoices are properly checked and authorized before dispatch. Whether the sales invoices are prepared on receipt of dispatched documents. Among the areas of the company that require attention, one of the main ones is the finance department.

Best Practices to Improve your Accounts Receivable Management

Auxiliary Accounting Office will communicate write-off reporting requirements to all Fee-for-Service Educational Activity annually in May of every year. “IFRS Simplified” which provides a jump start for accountants and finance executives who want to quickly and easily get up to date on IFRS. The opening of any University bank account requires proper approval. If external gifts directed to the University are received, they should be forwarded to Advancement and External Affairs immediately for processing.



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Save xerox with automated accounts receivable, whilst keeping the personal touch in all their payment reminders. If the invoice is overdue, also include the number of overdue days. This demonstrates to your customer that they’ve breached their agreement with you, without having to explicitly state so.

Use a credit application form

Therefore, any weakness in the financial controls for A/R could have a serious impact on the company’s financial statements. As well, since Accounts Receivable departments interact with almost every other department in the company, weak controls in A/R can lead to increased risk in other areas. Strong internal controls are necessary to prevent mishandling of funds and safeguard assets.

If know that you expect payment by the 15th of each month then send a statement to any delinquent accounts on the 16th. I did this just this morning and within 30 minutes I collected over 15% our total accounts receivable balance. You can leverage a thanks for paying message to offer it as a payment option to them. Compared to selling on payment terms, direct debit will bring you healthier cash flow from more consistent on-time payments. You’ll also see time savings from reduced admin time, and happier customers as they no longer have as much payment admin to complete. After you’ve issued an invoice to your customer, you enter a new stage of the accounts receivable process.

account controls

The goal of effective accounts receivable management is to optimize your billing, payments, and collections process to minimize the time it takes to get paid and eliminate the risk of bad debt. Sometimes it might be the right move for your company to outsource AR but ask yourself if you are doing it for the right reasons. If you are outsourcing only because of the operations of AR then this is a mistake. Instead, opt for using specialized AR software that will keep this process internal and will do most of the heavy lifting of the collection process thanks to automation. Keeping AR internally ensures you are adding value to your customer relations, and you are sending invoices and reminders at appropriate times and to the right points of contact. External AR management simply does not have the insights that you have in your own business and will likely fail at providing the right service and keeping good relations with your customers.

This may sound obvious but you should send statements out on a regular basis for all accounts overdue. Net sales generated by a business, without de- ducting any expenses. Represents the magnitude of business a company conducts.

Auditing Receivables and Revenues: A Guide

AR management can be a tedious process but it’s not something that you will completely be able to outsource. Monthly reconciliation of receivable balances are performed between the general ledger and the receivable sub-ledger. Daily reviews of the nightly GL interface should be performed by RF Central GL management to ensure no errors occurred during the interface.

Supply Chain Weak Links Pose Incoming Payments Fraud Risks for CFOs —

Supply Chain Weak Links Pose Incoming Payments Fraud Risks for CFOs.

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Applies to businesses that sell on payment terms. Two terms often used interchangeably are credit control and debtor management . While this doesn’t give them licence to justify paying you past the invoice due date, recording their payment behaviour is a valuable activity within your accounts receivable procedure. It can enable you to align your invoice chasing with when they are used to making payments. Payment portal Improve your chances of getting paid by offering your customers access to all the information multiple payment options instantly.

Monitor the unapplied cash receipts register to ensure wire receipts were properly applied to open L.O.C. invoices . All charges, collections, and adjustments to the accounts pertaining to a fiscal month should be recorded for an appropriate cut-off at the end of the fiscal period. Review all journal entries made to the accounts receivable ledger accounts. Separate the accounts receivable function and cash collection function. When faced with bad debts, your business needs to know it can count on an insurance safety net. Learn how our experts handle claims swiftly and smoothly, from filing to indemnity payment.


Very few organisations or institutions are required to report to credit agencies. Very rarely will a credit check fully and accurately represent the company in question. A classic example of a requirement by some companies and not others is the approval of a purchase order. More often seen in larger companies, purchase orders can get “stuck” in processing and still be awaiting approval when the invoice due date rolls around.

Additionally, I add extended procedures to my audit program if there are high risks of material misstatement such as significant risks. For example, if a company sells bundled goods, I test how the company apportions the revenue recognition. Or if there are no segregation of duties, I add fraud-related procedures such as testing daily cash collections. The additional procedures address the root of the identified risks.

Refer to G/L accounts 14xxxx for a list of current accounts receivable G/L accounts. A bookkeeping and accounting system needs internal control procedures for accounts receivable in order to minimize the risk of fraud, error and loss. Budgetary review responsibilities — Revenue collections and accounts receivable should be monitored in a timely manner.


Create a process where you’re prompted to contact a client on the first day a payment is late, so they’re aware of their payment terms and any overdue balances immediately. Make sure to clearly outline the steps on how they can make a payment. When necessary, subsidiary ledgers should be established. A trial balance of the subsidiary ledgers should be taken at the end of each fiscal period and reconciled with the related control account. Differences should be investigated and adjusted promptly.

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